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Updated, quality information

The information shown on this website is up-to-date at the time of publication and updated as rapidly as possible.

The updating of the information provided by third parties is the responsibility of the providing individual or entity. The City Council will ensure that suppliers of this information guarantee that it is updated and that they respect current regulations.

It will be ensured that the information shown is complete, truthful, precise, useful and accessible and that it fulfils the quality requirements set out in current legislation.


Responsibility for content

In accordance with current legislation, the City Council assumes responsibility for the content of this website, which has been created by the City Council itself.

As for content supplied by users and third parties, the exclusions of responsibility set out in articles 13 to 17 of Law 34/2002 on information society services and electronic commerce will apply. In particular, in terms of linked content, the exclusion of responsibility of article 17 of said Law will apply.

The City Council will not answer for the improper use that users may make of the content of the portal. It will also not be responsible for difficulties in accessing the portal or for poor function which is attributable to causes outwith the City Council.


Data protection

In accordance with personal data protection regulations, confidential treatment is guaranteed for personal data which may be obtained from forms or other elements used to provide service.

This website gathers personal data related with the installation of cookies which are necessary for facilitating browsing and the usability of the website in accordance with the cookie policy.

Furthermore, through the contact form, queries, complaints and suggestions can be made on the information published on the website, as well as other tourism issues. This information will be incorporated in the Tourism Information Services file, as indicated in the corresponding form.


Reuse of the information

The reuse of all data and information shown on this website is permitted, with the limits set out in this legal notice and those imposed by current legislation, provided that authorisation is requested from the City Council and expressly granted. The request will be made through the completion of the form provided on the website in the Contact section.

The reuse of content, once the appropriate authorisation has been obtained, will be subject to the following conditions:


·         Not altering the content of the information.

·         Not distorting the meaning of the information.

·         Mentioning the source of the information.

·         Indicating the date of the last update.

·         Not implying that the City Council sponsors or supports the activity in which the information is reused.

The possibility of reusing information will in all cases be limited by the necessary protection of other rights, asses and interests in accordance with current legislation. In particular, any reuse of the information contained on this website must safeguard the protection of the intellectual and industrial property regime and the system of personal data protection. Specifically, the reuse of works and contributions protected by the intellectual property regime is subject to the terms of the intellectual property license established in each case. The reuse of works and contributions for which intellectual property rights are reserved is prohibited.


Intellectual property

The Sant Antoni de Portmany City Council is owner of the intellectual property rights for the works and contributions which make up this website, or has been transferred their rights. This includes the graphic design and software of this portal as well as the texts, images and recordings that it contains. The reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation of these works and contributions, beyond the activities directly authorised by intellectual property Law, require the authorisation of the owner.

The brands, commercial names and distinctive signs which appear on this website may be protected by industrial property regimes, where applicable, and belong to their respective owners. Use without the authorisation of the owner or which is not protected by law is prohibited.

If any citizen considers that this website or its content violates any intellectual or industrial property rights, the City Council must be notified, including your name, the ownership of the rights (providing corresponding proof or accreditation) and the object of the supposedly violated rights.


Social networks

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Cookie policy


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Cookies are essential for the operation of the internet, as they provide countless advantages in providing interactive services and facilitate browsing and the usability of our website. Cookies cannot harm the user’s equipment.

The information that we provide you below will help you to understand the different types of cookies:

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Outline and description of cookies:

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Management of cookies

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