Es Tragón

Ctra. Cap Negret, s/n – Sant Antoni de Portmany

An der Straße nach Cap Negret, etwas außerhalb des Stadtzentrums von Sant Antoni, befindet sich eines der innovativsten und kreativsten Restaurants, die die Insel aktuell zu bieten hat, das Es Tragón. Chefkoch Álvaro Sanz und sein Team haben sich intensiv mit den einheimischen Zutaten auseinandergesetzt und kreieren nun eigene Interpretationen typisch ibizenkischer und spanischer Gerichte. Die Menüs sind ein Fest für alle Sinne, die Gerichte sind raffiniert und überraschend anders angerichtet. Hier vereinen sich traditionelle Gerichte und neueste Kochtechniken zu wahrer Haute Cuisine.

Es Tragón
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Faisal PashaFaisal Pasha
11:31 31 Aug 22
Great experience. Everything edible and drinkable has a story to it and the staff do a great job with the narrationAmir specifically did a fantastic job in personally attending to us from start to finish and helped clarify any questions we had; his high level of insight helped us learn new things.The terrace is also beautiful and most of the menu is actually produced freshly from the garden itselfA wonderful visit which should be added to everyone's Ibiza experience at least once
Joelle VinhJoelle Vinh
21:37 26 Aug 22
A unique experience to discover new tastes using local raw products. Nothing can be compared with this. We started our journey with a guided tour of vegetal flavors with the chef, before an exploration following the Mediterranean sea shore.I will never forget this and it is worth a visit if you can afford it. More than 30 people are working for less than 25 customers. Of course the result is exceptional even if some assemblages were unusual: this is the whole idea.
Patricia GlabischewskiPatricia Glabischewski
17:41 01 Aug 22
This isn’t a “dining only” place. You’ll get entertained, learn about the local food culture and history, and on top - have a wide variety of exceptional food! I would definitely come back again!
Daniel TrzesniakDaniel Trzesniak
21:22 27 May 22
The concept of Es Tragón is unique: each and every dish is carefully prepared and has a story on its own. The restaurant is located in a beautiful country house, with many rooms. It’s incredible what they have achieved in terms of sustainability and self-management: everything seems to be produced there. Their menu is full of interesting twists, ranging from homages to previous civilizations to traditional Spanish dishes. The staff is very knowledgeable and would serve every dish to perfection. Dishes are very well prepared, to every detail, and the flavors are quite unique and delicious. The wine pairing is good, and there are some other good options in the menu. However, it’s not a very relaxing atmosphere: it feels like you are constantly under pressure to “eat in the right way”. I had they impression the staff is too concerned to have perfection in every detail, but to a level where guests might feel uncomfortable. Also it’s not easy to have small talk with the staff, as it feels like it’s a distraction and the topic would quickly come back to the menu concept. In the end, despite almost 3 hours, the dinner felt a bit rushed and not relaxing. Again, it’s an amazing experience and worth its price, but could be delivered in a lighter easy.
Tammam ShonoTammam Shono
08:03 11 Jul 21
An incredible food experience with impeccable and creative presentation.The staff was extraordinary and clearly highly trained in what they do.I loved the attention to detail and creativity. At one point we had to whisk our own aioli which just put a huge smile on my face.I loved every minute here.

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