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Sant Rafel de sa Creu

Im Dorf  Sant Rafel befindet sich dieses legendäre Restaurant mit zahlreichen Fleischspezialitäten, das zu den Lieblingsrestaurants der einheimischen ibizenkischen Bevölkerung gehört.

Hier werden kleine Holzkohlegrills auf den Tisch gestellt, auf denen sich Rindfleisch wie T-Bone-Steak, Entrecote, Rinderfilet, Churrasco und Entraña besonders schmackhaft zubereiten lassen. Außerdem gibt es Fleischspezialitäten wie die leckeren Lammkoteletts, Landhühnchen, die Wurstspezialität Butifarra Catalana, Schweinelendchen, Kreolische Würstchen und vieles mehr. Der absolute Star unter den exquisiten Fleischgerichten ist das T-Bone-Steak vom Ochsen.

Can Pilot
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20:17 10 Jul 24
06:04 10 Jul 24
Alberto San SegundoAlberto San Segundo
16:32 09 Jul 24
Spectacular place to eat meat. Juan treated us very well and it is necessary to make a reservation as it is always full. Excellent beef!!
Xanyar KamangarXanyar Kamangar
07:53 09 Jul 24
Nice atmosphere and attentive service but let down by average meat quality and olive oil
Juan AbudeiJuan Abudei
11:47 05 May 24
Jim WestJim West
09:24 05 May 24
So good we came again. Chicken was beautifully succulent. Lamb chops enjoyed. It is a place for meat eaters.
Cristina CALÍCristina CALÍ
15:26 04 May 24
salvatore amoresalvatore amore
09:24 03 May 24
The meat is good but the portions are small, they are not worth the price they charge, they should be more abundant
Carmen ArroyoCarmen Arroyo
13:09 24 Feb 24
Igor GoudesoneIgor Goudesone
21:25 21 Feb 24
Jesus Pelaez GalianoJesus Pelaez Galiano
11:42 17 Jan 24
Good meat, very good cheesecake. Very good customer service.
angel jimenezangel jimenez
00:18 11 Jan 24
A giant grill, with meat very well done, to the point you order it. They bring a small grill to your table so that the meat stays hot or cooks it a little longer. At the entrance there are photos of many famous people who have been there. It is a very well-known place in Ibiza.
Sergi Ortega SánchezSergi Ortega Sánchez
19:53 10 Jan 24
marga torres torresmarga torres torres
17:02 22 Dec 23
Too much smoke
Pepe CostaPepe Costa
19:10 21 Dec 23
Dusco DuscoDusco Dusco
10:34 18 Dec 23
narai lopeznarai lopez
09:56 18 Dec 23
Rens KeuzekampRens Keuzekamp
18:58 17 Dec 23
Great place to go for meat. Highly recommend grilling yourself
Julius KrasikovasJulius Krasikovas
19:39 23 Oct 23
Very tasty food.Friendly staff.
Daniel JimenezDaniel Jimenez
07:36 22 Oct 23
The best of the island
Wendy HessWendy Hess
22:58 21 Oct 23
Mmmm, solomio, best there is. They can make it for you on their grill. But you can also make it yourself on your table grill. We let them do it. The solomio is so nice, i can really recommand it. Also the patatas with garlic, very thin and crispy. (The bread with aioli we did not like)Always very busy there, so call to make a reservation. It opens at 20 oclock, best time to go, because than there are not a lot table grills yet.
Lulu MoyaLulu Moya
22:42 21 Oct 23
Stefaan EngelenStefaan Engelen
19:25 21 Oct 23
Very tasty Spanish food for an acceptable price. Definitely recommended for those who love a tasty piece of meat.
Josefina ForsténJosefina Forstén
17:51 30 Jul 23
Very nice tapas place, very authentic and Spanish. We came 00:30 at night and still got a great table and could eat a big dinner! Very good food, very tasty. Atmosphere is good, typical local Spanish style. Also very good value for money. Absolutely recommend!
Joey KosterJoey Koster
18:49 10 Jul 23
The best Steak in Ibiza going here Thursday again. We be coming here for more then 25 years and the food and the place is absolutely magic, it’s the best one. Saludos from Hollanda 💯🙏🏻🍀
Adam PracyAdam Pracy
15:24 20 Jun 23
Absolutely incredible steak house restaurant. You order, they immediately bring you a tray of the raw meat you literally just ordered and they bring a table top BBQ to the table. You cook it exactly how you want it. The meat is of a very superior quality and tastes incredible. The staff are friendly and attentive, very good service. The atmosphere in the restaurant is buzzing, with everyone enjoying themselves. Highly recommended. 5 Stars for everything. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cat MiltonCat Milton
12:59 14 Apr 23
Can P'ilot: A Cozy Culinary Gem in San RafaelLocated on the bustling main street of the modern village of San Rafael, Can P'ilot has truly become a beloved culinary destination. While finding parking on the main street may be challenging, there's a conveniently located, large dustbowl carpark just a short walk away. Trust me, it's worth the extra effort.Upon entering Can P'ilot, the first thing you'll notice is its impressive size. The outdoor dining area gives way to an extensive curved bar, followed by a massive dining area, complete with an open-fire grill where the chefs work their magic.In the summertime, the sides of the restaurant open up, transforming the space into a grand terrace with traditional wooden tables and charming Ibicenc chairs.Warm and friendly, Can P'ilot's atmosphere is always buzzing with excitement. It's a testament to the restaurant's popularity that a reservation is an absolute must. As you might expect from such a lively place, the clientele is diverse, with locals and tourists of all ages finding a home at this well-established island eatery.Can P'ilot's claim to fame is its open-fire grilled meat dishes, complemented by a delectable array of traditional side dishes. Start your meal with the scrumptious Roast Camembert or Mixed Sausage Skewer, and let your taste buds rejoice as you indulge in their mouthwatering main courses. The wine list, once curated by the owner, Carmen, remains thoughtful and well-suited to the menu.While Can P'ilot may not be a cocktail bar, it offers an impressive range of hard liquor in addition to its wine selection. And for dessert, treat yourself to one of their homemade local specialties. You won't be disappointed!The staff, while many are new for 2023, are gradually settling in under the watchful eye of Juanito, Carmen's son. They are well-versed in restaurant policies, but are still learning to recognize local patrons.Value for money at Can P'ilot is excellent, especially considering the quality of the dining experience.An added bonus is the spacious upper mezzanine, perfect for hosting a large private party. And whatever you do, don't miss out on their signature Cafe Caleta variation – a warm, brandy and coffee-based beverage infused with local herbs and spices. It's the perfect way to cap off an exceptional dining experience at Can P'ilot.
Tamara ThompsonTamara Thompson
15:01 01 Feb 23
Always busy and you know that's a good sign.Best solomillo and cheesecake on the island- I would eat everyday if I could!!!Institution in Ibiza, fairly priced, good service though it gets extremely crowded bu they manage to do a good enough job.
Gus SidenGus Siden
19:48 25 Aug 22
Let me just say the meat is as good as it gets and in our case, it was cooked absolutely perfect, if anything I would have preferred to salt it to my liking, seen as I normally do not use salt at all, it had loads when it arrived but it could be just my preference.. . Note that we have been to several 3* Michelin restaurants, some of the best out there, so I do have plenty experience, also I am a happy amateur cook who cooks dinner every day. Big credit to the chef(s) for the precise cooking of the meat. We arrived early to go to the local market, not realising we then arrived late to the dinner due to the time difference between the UK and Spain. Our mistake. However we got a table and it all worked out. Service was pretty efficient but unlike all other restaurants we have been to on our trip (including NOBU and a few other top tier restaurants) it seemed to us we were a bit of a bother, I was missing the smile and a genuinely friendly attitude. Yes it was packed, but then it’s up to the manager to get enough people in to do their job and make you feel really welcome. Or perhaps they are on (auto)Pilot because they can do no wrong and people keep coming due to the reputation of the place. I’m not sure. What I am sure about is that it’s a dangerous path to take to show a bit of arrogance, it only takes some poor reviews today to start going downwards. Would like to come back again to see if it was just an average day here or if this is how you get served every time. Thanks for a great meal with potential to improve the customer experience Can Pilot.
Thu Huong LeThu Huong Le
21:18 02 Jul 22
Delicious meat. We got tbone charcoal steak for two people and its really enough to get full. Side dishes in my opinion nothing special, but a pepper sauce its on point.
Jennifer KJennifer K
20:34 14 Jun 22
Food was good (the salad was missing any flavouring). The meat was really nice. However, the service was poor. As foreigners, we didn’t feel welcomed at all. Plus, after speaking with neighbouring guests, we weren’t the only ones to think so.
Yves VerschuerenYves Verschueren
06:55 22 Sep 21
Fantastic! Delicious meat (very soft en soooooo good!), very good service. Defenitly coming back next time we visit Ibiza. Keep up the good work.Thanks for the hierbas when we payed our bill.
Rennoib TgRennoib Tg
22:18 15 Aug 21
Amazing meat, really fast service and great attention. Probably the best to eat meat in Ibiza. Nice price, for 18-23 you can eat with grill. Solomillo 👌👌👌.
phil smithphil smith
18:52 09 May 21
Oh tasty Bbq cooked to perfection is your thing? Friendly service is what you want? A very good and affordable wine list is what you like - well this place has it all. We went for some amazing starters which were manchego cheese and bellota iberico ham. This combo was really tasty and the ham was carved from the giant whole ham. For mains we had the beef steak and the swordfish combined with veggies and chips/fries. outstanding. For drinks go for some of that good red from Ribera del Duero (we had Pago de los Capellanes 2018). To finish this exciting experience we had local flao and coffee. 100% worth the trip. Make sure to reserve a table as this place gets crowded.
Jan KowalskiJan Kowalski
18:17 05 Jun 19
If you like barbeque, go there. Great meats, great sides! Very friendly service, good prices. I do not recommend to take the barbeque on your table. The guys on the big grill are real professionals and will grill your meat lots better then you could ever do this! A bottle of Can Rich is the perfect companion. Make a reservation!

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