Gala Diversity Celebration

9th June

ICONOS represents the incredible support that the island of Ibiza, as a whole, offers to the LGTBIQ+ community. Our desire is to share a week of activities in the field, both protesting and entertaining, whose objective is to achieve a positive impact in a society where there is still much to be achieved.

Our mission, promote equality, respect, gender diversity and above all love.

Gala Diversity Celebration

Are you ready to experience the third edition of Diversity Celebration? Once again this year we will live an amazing experience in S’Arenal Beach. A gala to celebrate the Rights of the LGTBIQ+ Collective through different performing arts. You can enjoy aerial shows, concerts, music, deejay and eat and drink in a space full of love, diversity and respect. Every year it is held on S’Arenal beach in the municipality of Sant Antoni.



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