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5 must-see places when you visit Ibiza


our Ibiza holiday is coming up and you have got almost everything that you need to pack sorted, the tickets bought, and the dates set for your trip. Where to stay is up to you as you choose from the enormous range of accommodation available in Sant Antoni de Portmany. Small boutique hotels, rural hotels and agrotourism, family run hotels… there are infinite possibilities to ensure that you will get the most from your holiday.

Boutique Hotel Can Sastre

Once you arrive in Sant Antoni you will find a world of opportunities to explore, with plenty of activities and amazing places waiting to be discovered. Of course, everyone has different tastes, but nevertheless we would like to propose five places that no one should miss out on during their visit to Ibiza.

It is worth taking a trip to the island’s capital, Eivissa. Dalt Vila is the main attraction of the old town, with its historic centre rising up within the renaissance walls. The stunning architecture is unparalleled in this part of the Mediterranean. The cathedral is its crowning glory, overlooking the city ramparts and creating a truly impressive sight for newly arrived visitors. There are five different places where you can gain entry through the walls, and once inside them, our advice would be to follow your intuition and wander the narrow streets of the town centre, going where your fancy takes you, and you are bound to come across some of the well-known tourist attractions such as the Puget Museum, the Madina Yabisah visitors’ centre, or the look-out post in the Cathedral square. You can walk around the perimeter of the walls that form the town’s bastion and take in the fantastic views of the modern city, the port and the sea beyond.

Walled city of Dalt Vila

Outside the walls, another essential place to visit is the Necropolis Museum of Puig des Molins. This is certainly the most important museum of its kind in terms of Phoenician and Carthaginian culture. The museum building is set in the Phoenician necropolis on the fringes of the original settlement (dating from the 7th century) and it is possible to visit a number of hypogea excavated in the rock. More than 3,000 tombs occupied the hill where the necropolis lies, and around 350 of these can be visited. It is an experience that is unquestionably as educational as it is spectacular and a visit will transport you back in time to the origins of today’s Ibiza, a town that prospered and grew wealthy through its busy maritime trade.

 Bust of the goddes Tanit in the Puig des Molins Museum


Once you have explored the city’s monuments, we suggest a visit to another monument but rather than architectural, this time in the form of the Natural Park Ses Salines which can be found at the southernmost point of the island, and which extends over an area that covers the salt pans of both Ibiza and Formentera, along with the strip of seawater that separates them. The park’s enormous biodiversity is witness to the importance of conservation of this area, especially as it is the nesting place of so many bird species and other fauna that can be found in the marine reserve. At the Sant Francesc Visitors’ Centre, visitors can learn more about the huge importance of this heritage site. Photographers will find plenty of hides for birdwatching where they can capture the beauty of all the resident species. The park’s beaches are world renowned for their natural beauty: Las Salinas and Es Cavallet have vast sandy expanses and crystal-clear waters providing the archetypal image of paradise. 

Ses Salines Natural Park


However, a chapter on fantastic beaches would not be complete without a mention of Platges de Comte and Cala Bassa. Both places can be reached by sea from the port of Sant Antoni and are equally blessed with clear transparent waters and beautiful natural surroundings. Platges de Comte combines stretches of sandy beach with little coves nestling among sandy rocks moulded and formed into intriguing shapes by the wind. The sunsets, with the group of islands and neighbouring islets as backdrop, are one of the most memorable sights in Ibiza. Cala Bassa offers high end leisure facilities and restaurants in the shade of centuries old juniper woods.

Platges de Comte

The island’s flea markets are another essential Ibizan experience. The most famous, Las Dalias in Sant Carles, is legendary, combining a great atmosphere with live performances and arts and crafts stalls of every kind. The Sant Joan craft market has all the charm of the village that hosts it, with an air of calm and peacefulness that will take you back to the old days. And Punta Arabí, possibly the biggest market, has all kinds of entertaining options for a day out with the family.

 Sant Joan flea market

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