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5 walks to discover Sant Antoni


ne of the best experiences Sant Antoni has to offer is to explore the countless footpaths that criss-cross its landscape. While it is true that the coastal aspect of the municipality occupies a prominent place in terms of leisure and entertainment, the inland area offers walkers a whole range of interesting trails and footpaths to discover the charm of the Ibizan countryside.

Aerial image of Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta

Some of these paths have been grouped into well-defined trails for walkers to discover the most diverse landscapes, from those that offer a new perspective of the urban façade of Sant Antoni to those that penetrate deep into the rural heart of the municipality or wind their way along the coast, leading to some of the most picturesque spots in the area.

Of all these trails, we have selected five that perfectly encapsulate the variety and richness of the landscape of Sant Antoni de Portmany.

1. Urban walk around Sant Antoni.

An easy and pleasant choice for those who wish to explore the promenade area and the town’s most important landmarks. The 9 km trail is easy underfoot and does not require special equipment, so it is suitable for anyone. It begins and ends at Caló des Moro, the secluded little cove at the northern end of the town. From there, following the pedestrian walkway, you can enjoy beautiful views of the bay with the islets of Ponent in the background, with the nearby island of Conejera standing out. Ideal for lovers of photography and spectacular sunsets. Heading south, away from the Ses Variades area, you will come across the old Ses Coves Blanques lighthouse, today a beautiful cultural facility that serves as a preview to the various points of interest to be found on the walk: the Sant Antoni marina, the yacht club, the fishing dock and, next to them, the popular Passeig de Ses Fonts. At the beginning of the latter, the statue of Columbus welcomes visitors entering by the road that connects Sant Antoni with Ibiza town. From here, the shores of the bay take the form of an urban beach, stretching from S’Arenal beach to Des Pouet beach. Sa Punta des Molí is another outstanding site, with its renovated ancient mill, its waterwheel, its old oil mill and all the cultural facilities that have been built around them. The church of Sant Antoni, the statue of Es Verro and the chapel of Sa Talaia are other important features of the trail.

More info & map of the route here.

Passeig de ses Fonts, Ses Coves Blanques lighthouse & Sant Antoni de Portmany church.

2. Cala Gració trail

This trail starts at the aforementioned Caló des Moro beach and heads north. The trail leaves the urban area and, skirting the coast, leads to the beach of Cala Gració and the neighbouring beach of Cala Gracioneta. Both coves have a pure Mediterranean feel and are very popular with the locals. The distance to be covered, barely 6 kilometres, makes it suitable for casual walkers and it is of medium difficulty, with an accumulated gradient of 175m. The trail passes by the Cap Blanc Aquarium, a former lobster nursery and today a facility for the dissemination and understanding of the area’s underwater fauna and a centre for the recovery of marine species. The trail ends at the Cap Negret viewpoint, which offers sweeping views of the sea that bathes the coast of Sant Antoni and the islets of Ponent.

More info & map of the route here.

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3. Pla de Corona trail

Nature lovers will find just what they are looking for on this trail. Whether on foot or by mountain bike, the Pla de Corona offers spectacular scenery with almond trees which, during the flowering season, fill the extensive agricultural plain after which the area is named with white blossom. From the end of January to the end of February, the Pla de Corona is the perfect place for walking, running, cycling or any other outdoor activity. The subject of countless photographs, the area can be easily covered following a circular route of just 7 km that will bring you into close contact with the most authentic rural aspect of the island. The picturesque and charming church of Santa Agnès, with its low ceilings and smooth outlines, is generally the starting point for a walk to such spectacular sites as the Sa Penya Esbarrada viewpoint, at the top of dramatic cliffs, with stunning views of the sunset and the islets of Ses Margalides. Pla de Corona is an authentic place of pilgrimage for those who wish to soak up the agricultural essence of this part of the island, where the most outstanding features are peace and contact with nature.

More info & map of the route here.

4. Cala Salada y Cala Gració trail

This coastal trail is one of the most spectacular on Ibiza, running along veritably paradisiacal stretches of coastline. Its difficulty level is high, as it has an accumulated gradient of 400 m and the distance to be covered is longer: 12 km. But the sites passed along the trail are so beautiful that they should not be missed. It starts from Caló des Moro and covers such emblematic spots as Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta, two sites that reveal the beauty of the Mediterranean waters in all their splendour. They are so transparent that their white sandy bottoms and the green of their seagrass meadows look like landscapes covered by crystal-clear glass. Cala Galera and its terraces carved into the natural stone are another essential spot to admire and contemplate. At the end of the trail, the Cap Negret viewpoint offers the most experienced walkers a breath-taking panoramic view of the entire coastline and the infinite horizon of the sea.

More info & map of the route here.

5. Sant Mateu and Es Camp Vell trail

Along with Pla de Corona, Sant Mateu is Sant Antoni’s other great agricultural plain. The trail that runs through it is also circular and has an accumulated gradient of 260 m along its 10.7 km. The beautiful white church of Sant Mateu is the starting point of a trail into a landscape that combines farmland, primarily vineyards, with the more densely wooded areas that populate the mountainsides. This trail takes you to Es Camp Vell, a high area that overlooks the sea and offers breath-taking panoramic views. There are many alternative routes, but in all of them nature takes centre stage. A popular place for mountain bikers and photography enthusiasts, this trail is sure to be a rewarding and memorable experience however you decide to follow it.

Mor einfo & map of the route here.

Ses Torretes – Es Camp Vell, Photography by José Porras

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