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5 water activities to enjoy on the coast of Sant Antoni


ant Antoni is a holiday resort with many different attractions. Cuisine, culture, sport, music and urban leisure are all important aspects. But in summer, some of the most appealing of these attractions are probably the sea-related activities. The natural environment of the municipality, with a magnificent coastline full of coves, beaches and bays encourages the enjoyment of the sea in all its different facets. The wide bay of Sant Antoni, the group of islands and islets that dot the horizon – with the striking silhouettes of the islands of Sa Conillera and Des Bosc – the irresistible allure of the crystalline waters of beaches such as Cala Salada or Cala Saladeta or the incredible sunsets that can be seen from many points along the coast of the municipality are the ideal setting for numerous water activities.

To offer you just a hint of all the different options, we are going to describe 5 water activities to suit the varying tastes of visitors.

Paddle Surfing

Paddle surfing, or SUP, is now one of the favourite sports and leisure activities for all types of people. There are many different options, from family or group outings to start practicing the technique, to excursions to watch sunsets or yoga sessions on the same itself. SUP is ideal for exploring all the nooks and crannies of the coast of Sant Antoni: coves, caves, islets, small fishing boat docks. SUP is a perfect combination of sport and relaxation, offering a marvellous experience in direct contact with the Mediterranean.

Start your adventure, book your Paddle Surf excursion.

Kayak Tours

Kayaking is another great way to explore and discover the coast of Sant Antoni at a leisurely pace. Whether for experts, prepared to make major crossings, or for novice enthusiasts, the waters of the municipality of Portmany are the perfect place for kayaking. There are several routes on which kayakers can discover important landmarks. The one that starts in Cala Gració is very simple and straightforward. In approximately one hour, you can discover places like Cap Blanc or the Cova de ses Llagostes, today a fascinating aquarium open to the whole family and which is also a Marine Species Recovery Centre. The arrival point is the Caló des Moro beach, a charming little beach within the urban area of Sant Antoni.

By clicking here, you will download the official brochure of kayak routes inIbiza.Travel in which you will find two fantastic routes through our municipality (Routes No. 4 and No. 5)

Diving and snorkelling for beginners

One of the main attractions Sant Antoni offers to sea lovers is diving for beginners. There are many introductory diving courses for both adults and children. Diving and snorkelling are an ideal way to discover the beauty and richness of our seabed; with the peace of mind and assurance of being assisted by professional experts. For those who want to enjoy the waters nearest the coast, snorkelling is the simplest option. The transparency of the waters that bathe the coast allows you to admire seabeds of enormous richness, with abundant posidonia oceanica and a wide variety of fauna.

If you want to get started in scuba diving,  you can do your diving baptism in Sant Antoni.

Llaüt trip

The llaüt is Ibiza’s typical fishing boat; a robust boat traditionally made of wood by specialised craftsmen (mestres d’aixa), which allowed fishermen to sail and fish in an efficient manner. Today the llaüt is still as popular as in the past and has even been redesigned as a pleasure boat. Indeed, one of the most appealing options offered to visitors is to take one of the llaüt trips that run along the coast of Sant Antoni. You can go on an outing to watch a sunset or hire a full tour, or even reserve one for small celebrations. It is undoubtedly a unique, authentic and relaxing motorboat experience.

You can book your llaüt tour by clicking here.

Classic sailboat

Sant Antoni has a pleasant surprise in store for sailing enthusiasts: the possibility of sailing its waters on board an authentic classic sailboat. There is no better way to unwind and reconnect with nature. Taking a dip in a unique spot, practising SUP, enjoying a picnic on board with local products, diving, or drinking a toast for a memorable occasion are just some of the small great pleasures that this experience offers users. All with the unbeatable feeling of moving with the wind in a boat steeped in history.

Book your classic sail boat excursion by clicking here.

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