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6 sunsets in Sant Antoni


Sant Antoni has a stunning geographical location offering residents and visitors alike some of the best sunsets in the Mediterranean. Its extensive coastline hides in some cases, and proudly shows off in others, thousands of spots for savouring this special time when the day ends its natural cycle and gives way to night. The amazing range of colours that ignite at dusk captivate thousands of people all year round, and has become one of the most iconic features of summer in Ibiza.

To enjoy this unique moment, there are places to cater to every taste, from the most secluded and isolated spots to cosmopolitan joints, so everyone can find their perfect place to sit back and enjoy the show. Let’s take a look at some of the several options Sant Antoni has on offer.

Ses Variades

The spot par excellence; the must-see sunset. This stretch of coastline extends along the northern part of the city centre and over its lower rocks, there’s a pleasant pedestrian promenade featuring internationally famous bars and restaurants. From the terraces, people watch stunning sunsets over the sea to the beat of the latest chill out tunes. The rocky coastline offers the odd seat for enjoying the sky’s light show from more secluded areas.

Puesta de sol desde ses Variades

Cap Negret

On the outskirts of the city centre, a hidden spot promises moments of peace and serenity while the sun sinks beyond the horizon. This is Cap Negret, a place that can be reached on foot from Cala Salada along a coastal path or by car. On the sides of this rugged outcrop, we’ll enjoy some marvellous views over the island of Sa Conillera, Cap Nunó, Sa Foradada and the whole maritime extension to the north. It also has a trendy establishment offering a restaurant and bar with sea views.

Punta Galera

This cove is unique, being formed by flat stone terraces in the shape of an amphitheatre and at different levels over sea level, the result of former quarry works. It can only be accessed on foot and is an arduous but rewarding hike, ending up in the perfect spot for more chilled, contemplative sunsets. Due to its unspoilt nature, there are no services of any kind. Unmissable for calmer folks.

Puesta de sol desdePunta Galera - Sant Antoni (Ibiza)

Cap Blanc

Also located on the edge of town, to the north, Es Cap Blanc is home to a natural sea cave which was once a lobster farm. Now an aquarium, it is an information centre also used to rescue and help marine wildlife to recover. There is a beach bar for a drink or a nice plate of barbecued sardines. The perfect setting for enjoying a sunset with the family without drifting too far from the town centre. Conejera and other westerly islands can be seen perfectly.

Puesta de sol desde Cap Blanc (Sant Antoni - Ibiza)


For those not wanting to leave central Sant Antoni, there’s a spot that meets all the criteria for enjoying the sunset in an elevated, accessible location: the port dock and its adjacent breakwater. From there, and with minimal effort, couple, families, groups of friends or single people bear witness to the majestic bay and magical sun disappearing in the distance. Behind them, the port and seafront promenade provide a wide range of choices for dinner or grabbing a drink.

Puertas del Cielo – Sa Penya Esbarrada

This place, really called Sa Penya Esbarrada, is in the Plà de Corona area. It is reached by following the little road bordering the plain. There is a restaurant near the cliff with views over the unique Ses Margalides islets. Following a path only marked to the west, and passing a Muslim archaeological site, we’ll reach the wild cliffs towering dozens of metres over the sea. From there, with a clear horizon, visitors enjoy the sea breeze and an enchantingly spectacular sunset, with the occasional company of lizards and seagulls.

Sunse Las Puertas del cielo - Sant Antoni (Ibiza)
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