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Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta, a charming couple


he coast of Sant Antoni offers a wide range of pleasant surprises. One of them is the tandem formed by two small, charming coves with their fishermen’s cottages and seafaring atmosphere: Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta. A stone’s throw from the centre of Sant Antoni, these two beautiful beaches offer all the necessary features to make them one of the best choices for enjoying the true essence of the municipality.

Cala Gració is the larger of the two and is easily accessible, so it is also suitable for people with reduced mobility. Bordered by forest, it has a wide sandy beach, approximately 70 metres long and 140 metres wide, with a beach bar, which is very popular during the summer season. It has sunbeds and pedal boats for rent and offers beautiful views of the island of Sa Conillera. Its crystalline waters allow you to enjoy the sight of its sandy bottoms and the Posidonia seagrass beds that dot the coastline and make a crucial contribution to its transparency.

Next to Cala Gració, in another inlet, is its little sister, Cala Gracioneta. Like the former, it is preceded by a forest of pines and junipers which, together with the rocks of the coast, gives it that characteristic Mediterranean air. It is a cosy and more secluded spot, but even so it has its own beach bar, renowned for its excellent cuisine, and a sunbed rental service.

The two coves are so close to each other that you can swim or snorkel from one to the other, one of the best ways to discover the beauty of the seabed first-hand. Apart from snorkelling, it is also an ideal place for paddle surfing or kayaking, and it is very easy to get from one end of the area to the other, exploring the nooks and crannies of the surrounding coastline at your leisure. However, apart from enjoying its waters, the natural surroundings of this charming pair of coves offer many more possibilities.

Not far from the coves is Cap Negret, a promontory from whose rocky slopes you can enjoy breath-taking sunsets, immersed in the evocative atmosphere of a fashionable establishment or from anywhere along the coast. From there, once again, you can make out the island of Sa Conillera, Cap Nonó, Sa Foradada and an infinite horizon replete with the warm hues of the sunset.

To the south of Cala Gració is the Cap Blanc Aquarium, a highly recommended visit for the whole family. What was once a natural lobster nursery is now a fascinating exhibition of the local marine fauna. It is located in a natural cave and contains a wide range of marine species in an indoor lake of about 300 m2 and in various tanks. It also functions as a Municipal Educational Resource Centre (CREM), collaborating in the recovery and return of injured marine animals to their natural habitat.

For walking enthusiasts, Cala Gració is also a point of interest because it is part of a pleasant hiking trail that starts in Caló des Moro and leads to the Cap Negret viewpoint, passing by the Cap Blanc aquarium. Its 6.2 km involve no difficulty and its overall gradient does not exceed 175 metres. If you need more infor of the walking route click here.

A key feature of the area is its cuisine. Cala Gració has a beach bar that saves you having to interrupt your day on the beach to go in search of food or refreshments; and there is another one overlooking the sea in Cala Gracioneta; El Chiringuito de Cala Gracioneta that offers a carefully selected range of dishes based on Mediterranean cuisine.

If what you want is a dinner worthy of the Michelin guide, a short distance away you will find the famous Es Tragón restaurant. On the road to Cap Negret, Es Tragón is the first and only Michelin-starred restaurant on the island. Every season its chef, Álvaro Sanz, and his team carefully design a highly creative menu with the best of the island’s products.

Si lo que queremos es cenar con la puesta de sol frente a nuestra mesa, podemos optar por el Hostal Sa Torre, en Cap Negret. Un remozado local, de amplios y escalonados espacios, que se abre al mar y que ofrece en un ambiente cosmopolita y relajante, una cuidada carta con recetas mediterráneas y de influencia árabe y asiática. Su bar de cócteles cuenta con toda una legión de seguidores. El Hostal es también un alojamiento perfecto para los que quieren disfrutar de una estancia más prolongada. Y uno de tantos establecimientos singulares y modernos que pueblan esta zona del litoral. El en Caló des Moro, es un 3 estrellas que eleva el nivel de su categoría ofreciendo un diseño esmerado en sus espacios y un servicio de calidad. El Wi-ki-Woo, de aire desenfadado al estilo Miami Beach y su Art Decó, es un colorido hotel boutique de 4 estrellas situado junto a la carretera de Cala Gració que ofrece una animada vida en sus instalaciones. Sol Bahía Suites es otro nombre a recordar. Se encuentra en Cala Gració, en primera linea de mar, con impresionantes vistas al horizonte y una completa gama de apartamentos de lujo, a un paso de la zona más animada de Ses Variades. Cubanito Suites es otro colorido hotel al estilo Little Havana que rinde tributo a músicos, actores y artistas cubanos y que ofrece también un diseño fresco y creatividad en todas su propuestas en la misma zona. Oku Ibiza es la última incorporación, ya en el rango de las 5 estrellas y caracterizado por el lujo asociado a diseño boho, sofisticado y una esmerada cartera de servicios para clientes exclusivos.



If you want to dine while admiring the sunset, you can choose the Hostal La Torre, in Cap Negret; a renovated establishment, with spacious, multi-level areas, which overlooks the sea and offers a carefully selected menu with Mediterranean recipes and Arab and Asian influences, in a relaxing, cosmopolitan atmosphere. Its cocktail bar has a whole host of loyal customers. The Hostal is also a perfect choice of accommodation for those who want to enjoy a longer stay, and one of many unique and modern establishments that abound in this area of the coast. The Hotel Abrat, in Caló des Moro, is a 3-star hotel that rises above its category thanks to the elegant design of its facilities and quality service. The Wi-ki-Woo, with its casual Miami Beach-style Art Deco feel, is a colourful 4-star boutique hotel next to the Cala Gració road whose facilities offer a lively atmosphere. Sol Bahía Suites is another name to remember. It is located on the seafront in Cala Gració, with stunning views of the horizon and a full range of luxury apartments, just a stone’s throw from the liveliest area of Ses Variades. Cubanito Suites is another colourful Little Havana-style hotel that pays tribute to Cuban musicians, actors and artists and offers a fresh design and creativity throughout its facilities. Oku Ibiza is the latest addition, now in the 5-star category and featuring luxury combined with boho design, sophistication and a portfolio of services for discerning guests.

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