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In Sant Antoni we love to eat well


Sant Antoni de Portmany is one of Ibiza’s most popular tourist destinations. Its natural surroundings and the extensive range of leisure on offer, both during the day and at night, have made it a favourite spot for thousands of visitors, who come to enjoy its attractions season after season. However, in recent years, the name of Sant Antoni has also been linked to an ever-increasing gastronomic excellence. The municipality has been the place of choice for many restaurateurs who have found the perfect conditions to carry out the most interesting, groundbreaking and stimulating culinary projects.

Es Gerret’s kitchen

In addition to this, there is the constant development and innovation of traditional cuisine, which has evolved in every aspect and today offers high quality dishes based on local produce and the expertise of a new generation of chefs who have cleverly reinterpreted the knowledge and techniques inherited from previous generations. All of this, together with an impressive catalogue of local ingredients, has created the perfect breeding ground for a culinary universe that has already earned the recognition of prestigious organisations such as the Michelin Guide and the Repsol Guide. And indeed, whether in the form of a Michelin Star or a Repsol Sun, various establishments in Sant Antoni have confirmed their good work with distinctions that place them in the first division of national and international cuisine.

The fact is that the 127 square kilometres of the municipality offer a wide variety of options, ranging from the most traditional to the most avant-garde cuisine. Variables such as creativity and sustainability are emerging as key ingredients in Sant Antoni’s culinary attractions. The waters and lands of this part of the island provide the professional chef with a whole range of ingredients of exceptional quality. Meat, fish, vegetables… nature gives the best of itself and the produce is protected and endorsed by quality seals such as ‘Peix Nostrum’, ‘Sabors d’Eivissa’, ‘Anyell d’Eivissa’ and many others that guarantee its origin and traceability. As a result, the island’s top chefs have been able to create menus full of creativity and flavour. Local products take priority over products from the exterior in an ongoing exercise of rediscovery to which the most discerning palates surrender. Some local representatives, such as Álvaro Sanz (Es Tragón), José Miguel Bonet (Es Ventall), José González (Es Gerret), Manuel Antón (Can Mussonet), Roberto Sihuay (Cantina Canalla) and Victor Bonet (Smarí Cocina Bar), among others, are a clear example of this commitment.

For those who wish to discover world cuisine, Sant Antoni also has interesting options available: from the Thai cuisine of Es Verro, the French cuisine of Bistró de Stephan and the Can Pou restaurant, to the Nikkei cuisine of Cantina Canalla, the authentic Italian pasta of Yenuina or the innovative Chinese cuisine of Chi Kee Wun. It is impossible to choose just one, so visitors will have to study the available offer very carefully to try them all.

Tapas and Thai cuisine at Es Verro

Seafood is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic types of cuisine in the town of Portmany. As a good seafaring town, Sant Antoni boasts restaurants that specialise in local specialities such as rice dishes, bullit de peix, fried octopus, cuttlefish and squid, lobster and baked fish. Es Nàutic, Restaurante Cala Salada, Sa Punta des Molí, S’Avaradero and Es rebost de Can Prats are just some of the names that represent the best of traditional seafood cuisine. The fresh, quality product is, of course, guaranteed by the ‘Peix Nostrum’ quality seal, an initiative of the fishermen’s guilds of Ibiza and Sant Antoni.

With the arrival of winter, meat takes centre stage in the culinary calendar. It is the time of the slaugther and pork, in all its preparations and varieties, occupies a prominent place on Ibizan tables. The fattening animal par excellence produces top quality meat from which sausages like sobrassadas, butifarrones and a whole range of products of renowned flavour and quality are made.

The  markets of Sant Antoni are brimming with local produce. We are referring to the farmer’s market located at the junction of Calle Madrid and Vara de Rey, whose stalls are run by local producers; the Sa Cooperativa market, managed by its members, which offers the public local organic products and others produced on the island; and the Forada market, in the interior of the municipality, with agricultural and craft producers. In addition to these, there are the products offered for sale by the various organic farms in the municipality, such as Can Fontet and Can Rich. The latter produces wine from its own crops and demonstrates the growing importance of the wine industry in the municipality.

The grape harvest is the prelude to a complete process that ends with the bottling of a notable variety of wines – reds, rosés, whites, aperitifs and sparkling wines – that greatly enrich the culinary offer.

The cuisine of Sant Antoni also plays a starring role in the gastronomic events in which a large number of establishments take part, helping to promote the culinary delights based on local produce. These include the ‘Ibiza Sabors’ gastronomic days, which each year focus on a specific local product (lamb, red mullet, pork, squid, etc.) and ‘Restaura’t Sant Antoni’, an event in which the participating restaurants offer their own menu at a fixed price.

Restaurants such as Zebra Steak & Grill, the Grill Sant Antoni, Can Tixedó, Sa Palmera, Bresca, Can Germà, La Villa Portmany and Ses Casetes, among others, regularly participate in the event to delight diners with their proposals.

The list of restaurants in Sant Antoni is long and extensive and covers a wide range of cuisines: El chiringuito de Cala Gracioneta, Ample 32, Juntos House, Natural Pau, Las Dos Lunas, Monkey Ibiza, Can Cosmi, Oku Restaurant, Villa Mercedes, Es Tancó, Hostal Sa Torre, Bam Bu Ku, Can Pilot, Golden Buddha and many others join the aforementioned restaurants to offer each diner an experience full of details and nuances, each one with its own speciality. If you would like to know more about each of them, we recommend a visit our website

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