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Almond Blossoms in the Pla de Corona

25 January 2020 - 15 February 2020

Natural show

At the end of January, the Pla de Corona undergoes a dramatic transformation that drastically changes its usual appearance. The red of the farmland and the green of the surrounding forests are joined by the white of the thousands and thousands of almond blossoms, which cover the whole area like a snowy mantle. The blooming of the almond trees that populate most of the area is so intense that the moment is awaited with great expectation by both locals and visitors. For this reason, all kinds of activities and events are held, with the Pla de Corona as their focal point. Popular races and moonlight excursions are organised. And the landscape is immortalised in pictorial and photographic works by amateur and professional art lovers. It has also been and continues to be a source of literary inspiration.

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