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The Sant Bartomeu Festivity

10 August 2023 - 10 September 2023
Local Festivities

The perfect excuse for the development of events of all kinds in Sant Antoni.

This is the second religious festival held every year in the town, taking place on 24 August. In the heart of summer, Sant Bartomeu becomes the perfect excuse to hold all kinds of events. The fireworks castle is famous, lighting up the whole bay and rounding off the big day. The festivities also include gastronomic festivals, such as S’Ou, featuring eggs as the main ingredient. Participants make their dishes and visitors enjoy them on the S’Arenal beach in a party atmosphere, with music and entertainment for children. The Carthaginians and Romans Festival is an enjoyable historical recreation of the famous rivalry between both groups and includes a landing and a friendly battle using ripe tomatoes. Concerts, sports competitions, traditional markets and other events pack the schedule for lucky visitors.

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