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Our Lady of Mount Carmen

16 July 2020
Local Festivities

"Mare de Déu del Carme", as it is popularly known.

Our Lady of Mount Carmen is the patron saint of sailors and sea folk, followed with particular devotion in Sant Antoni due to this land’s close relationship with the nearby sea. It’s not held on the usual date, 16 July, but on the first Sunday after such date. The Mare de Déu del Carme festival as it’s popularly known is held with a huge procession leaving from the church, which parades through the old town streets towards the port. Here, the saint boards a boat and sails around the bay, followed by an entourage of vessels transporting large numbers of people. The beautiful seafaring salves (traditional songs), singing devoted to this saint of the sailors, and country dancing, with locals donning their finest dress, create a lovely counterpoint to Sant Antoni’s summer festival.

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Local Festivities
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