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Ruta de la Sal Regatta

06 April 2023 - 09 April 2023

Sant Antoni hosts the finish line of one of the most exciting regattas in the Mediterranean

For many sailing enthusiasts, the Ruta de la Sal is the most exciting regatta in the Mediterranean. It originated in 1846, when a businessman, faced with the commercial blockade imposed in Barcelona by the Carlist army, challenged the most famous sailors of the time to bring salt from the Ibiza and Formentera and to get payment according to their order of arrival. The former would receive gold but the latter would not even have enough to pay the sailors’ wages. The current regatta, which is in its 32nd year, has three versions -Barcelona, Denia and Majorca-, always finishing at Club Nàutic Sant Antoni. It is limited to a maximum of 200 boats of various categories, which make a journey of between 103 and 140 miles, depending on the port of departure.


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