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The Sant Rafel Festivity

24 October 2022
Local Festivities

The beautiful church standing on the hill at the entrance of the town.

The Sant Rafel Festivity is held after summer, on October 24. The beautiful church standing on the hill at the entrance of the town is the epicentre of the religious celebrations for the patron saint’s day. Visitors can enjoy the town’s vibrant atmosphere, with a wide range of restaurants offering every cuisine under the sun, and a festival programme featuring sports, musical, cultural and children’s activities. Highlights include the Folkloric Festival, which has already notched up 35 editions, the Oktoberfest concert featuring numerous local bands, or the Terror Show, which attracts local and national groups. An extremely successful night walk also takes place, which allows the fields and countryside to be enjoyed from a different perspective. The Handicraft Exhibition is another important event where visitors can learn about and buy the works of local artisans with expertise in ceramics and pottery.

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