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The Santa Agnès festivity

21 January 2022
Local Festivities

The center of the celebration takes place in the small and beautiful church of the town, with whitewashed white walls.

The Santa Agnès festivity is held on January 21, at the same time as the first days of the blooming of the almond trees found in the area’s vast agricultural lands. This is the perfect time for visitors to discover the zone’s calmness and natural beauty, and learn about the long-standing local traditions. The epicentre of the celebration takes place in the town’s small, beautiful church, with whitewashed walls. The religious ceremony honouring the saint is held here. The square hosts country dancing before the procession of the virgin. In Pla de Corona, the adjacent fields, leisure activities are held for the whole family, with entertaining events such as the Sofrit pagès (meat stew) World Championship, which sees the participation of different teams cooking this traditional local dish that festival goers can enjoy at affordable prices.

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