Sant Antoni KM0: Mediterranean larder, gourmet destination

Sant Antoni de Portmany is a Mediterranean larder that covers 127 km2. The municipal district boasts a fishermen’s federation, an agricultural cooperative and a restaurant with a Michelin star, as well as several Suns awarded by the Repsol Guide.

Today’s Sant Antoni is heir to the legacy of its dual nature that has defined the place down the centuries, on one hand a coastal fishing town and on the other a settlement of farmers and livestock breeders. The beauty of its beaches, both its daytime activities and nightlife, the inland countryside, and the sunsets have made Sant Antoni a holiday destination that is renowned worldwide.

Along with this diverse array of attractions, gourmet cuisine has also played a key role in developing tourism in the area. For many years it was a complementary adjunct that visitors were always surprised and delighted to discover, however for some time now it has been growing in importance thanks to the innovative approach and creativity of restauranteurs and producers. The aim of SANT ANTONI KM0 is to promote the town as a gourmet destination.

We are children of a sea that we share with a thousand cultures, people with multiple origins for whom eating well is a matter of pride. We live in a paradise full of simple luxuries. To find them, all you need to do is retrace your steps and go back to the origins, your pleasure is right there at kilometre zero.

KM0 Heroes

Mediterranean pantry
We explain the stories of producers and restaurateurs of Sant Antoni [Ibiza]
Eating well is a matter of pride

Sant Antoni. Farmer. She runs the Ecofeixes cooperative. And she farms the organic enterprise Can Blai-Sant Rafel- together with her partner
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Barcelona, 1984. Chef de S·Marí. Since 2017 he has been creating a fusion of Catalan gastronomy’s traditional recipes with flavours and tastes from all over the world, using local produce
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Sant Antoni, 1968. Restaurant owner. She is the manager of Es Rebost de Can Prats, a benchmark in Sant Antoni’s Ibizan cuisine
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