El Rincón de Pepe

C/ Sant Mateu, 6 – Sant Antoni de Portmany

Located on Calle Sant Mateo, more-or-less opposite the fountains on the seafront promenade, this renowned tapas bar is a true landmark of Sant Antoni.

With a history dating back to 1962, El Rincón de Pepe has retained its quality over the years, despite the changes brought about by the influx of tourists. The excellence of its products and the service of its staff are as impeccable as they were when it opened its doors more than half a century ago.

In addition to a wide variety of tapas, such as salads, escalivada, anchovies in vinegar, grilled mushrooms, Ibiza-style octopus and grilled cuttlefish, they also offer a varied dinner menu with a choice selection of meats and fish.

Both in its rustic-style interior and on its terrace overlooking the street, at El Rincón de Pepe you can enjoy the true essence of the Ibiza of old and savour the authentic flavours of the island.

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