Snorkelling route – Sa Foradada

Sa Forada

You depart from Sant Antoni in a northbound direction and having left behind Cala Salada you come to Cap Gros. You are on the north side of Sa Foradada, a coastal headland characterised by a hole in the coastline.

As soon as you dive into the sea you find a seabed with scattered stones and enormous boulders. The smaller boulders are whitish and smooth without vegetation whereas the larger rocks are carpeted with brown kelp.

The vertical sea walls are particularly striking and the nooks and crannies that form the coastline offer some diverse and extremely interesting routes along which you will see all kinds of fish such as bream, saddle bream or damselfish, always in shoals whereas others like scorpion fish or painted combers swim alone and are rarely seen together with their species.

At -4 m there is a small arch and those with good breathing technique who can hold their breath long enough will be able to take a good look however it is best not to try to go through it as it is very narrow.

This route is really good fun for quite experienced snorkellers who are used to holding their breath for long periods.

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