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Sant Antoni, where creative and local cuisine converge


he culinary landscape of Sant Antoni grows and develops year after year with spectacular new proposals and dishes that enrich the dining options of the municipality. Thanks to this, Sant Antoni is becoming a highly attractive destination both for lovers of good food and for entrepreneurs who wish to launch projects with major added value. A powerful and tempting selection that is based on two cornerstones: creativity and sustainability.

The creativity is provided by a new generation of professional chefs who draw from the sources of local tradition and, on this basis, reformulate recipes and propose new approaches with the same basic feature: the quality of the raw materials. Local raw materials, produced on the island of Ibiza, in its orchards and its waters, which dramatically enhance the quality of each dish; a quality that, in addition, is guaranteed by such diverse initiatives as Peix Nostrum, Anyell d’Eivissa, Sabors d’Eivissa and “Sant Antoni KM0“, the new tourism project promoted by the town council to acknowledge the work of the municipality’s food-related projects and to publicise the stories behind the fishermen, farmers and restaurateurs of Portmany at a national and international level.

Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables… nature is generous with the island and provides outstanding products to the world of catering. Sant Antoni is a unique place as it is home to a large number of restaurants and chefs who are committed to creativity and who base their proposals on first-class local products.

A clear example of this is Es Tragón, the first restaurant on the island of Ibiza to be awarded, for the second year running, a Michelin Star and two suns by the Repsol Guide.

Álvaro Sanz leads a close-knit team of professionals who, on the basis of Mediterranean cuisine, set about devising innovative dishes, full of trompe l’oeil and ingenuity, to give the lucky diner an amazing experience, full of flavour. It is one of the most innovative and creative proposals in the island’s cuisine today.

 Es Tragón restaurant

The Es Ventall restaurant has been a classic of Ibizan cuisine for decades. But thanks to its chef, José Miguel Bonet, the youngest member of the family dynasty, the restaurant has become a benchmark in the transformation of local cuisine. With the utmost respect for the local produce and recipes, Es Ventall offers recipes that combine the essence of traditional cooking with extraordinarily elaborate creations and innovative dishes.

Es Ventall restaurant

Es Gerret is a recent addition that has brought freshness and creativity to the recipes of Sant Antoni. Also based on local, top-quality products, Es Gerret offers dishes and tapas that are a daring combination of fusion and Mediterranean cuisine. Chef José González and his team are responsible for a mouth-watering range of dishes that is complemented by daily off-menu suggestions which, together with a fresh, casual setting, add good taste and know-how to the culinary scene.

Chef José Gonzalez from Es Gerret restaurant, representing Sant Antoni’s cuisine at Madrid Fusion 2020

Can Mussonet joins the list of restaurants that are committed to local, quality produce and that also carefully redesign traditional dishes from the island. Located in Sant Rafel, in a charming, restored house, Can Mussonet exudes that typical Ibizan atmosphere that only Ibizan buildings can transmit. Its slogan, ‘respect for tradition’ is the cornerstone of a menu that explores the flavours of Ibiza, masterfully combining products and cutting-edge culinary techniques.

Can Mussonet is a 1916 farmhouse that reopens as a restaurant in the centre of San Rafel

Cantina Canalla is another name to add to the list of creative restaurants with local products. With a Nikkei fusion cuisine, which blends Creole and Japanese ingredients, the excellence of the raw material is plainly evident in all of Chef Roberto Sihuay’s creations. Whether it is ceviches, tiraditos, octopus or piqueos, the freshness and flavour of the product is exceptional.

Cantina Canalla

Another name worth mentioning is S Marí Cocina Bar. In the heart of Sant Antoni, Chef Victor Bonet offers a cuisine that makes the most of fresh local produce and local ingredients. The touches of international fusion and the careful preparation of each dish offer diners a quality meal in a modern and well-lit space.

S Marí Cocina Bar

Hostal la Torre is another meeting point for lovers of Mediterranean fusion cuisine. With products from the island, Hostal La Torre offers a fresh and modern cuisine that makes the most of each ingredient and highlights the importance of sustainable, organic and local cuisine.

Hostal La Torre

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