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Sant Antoni Free Tour, another way to discover Sant Antoni


This season a new initiative has been launched for visitors to discover the most authentic and artistic side of Sant Antoni in person and completely free of charge. We are talking about the Sant Antoni Free Tour, the new tourist guide service that will take participants on a fascinating urban itinerary in and around Sant Antoni. Run by expert guides, the Sant Antoni Free Tour is the best way to immerse yourself in the street art, artists, graffiti, culture, legends and stories that make up the magical essence of the town of Sant Antoni de Portmany. The tour lasts approximately two hours and a quarter and is open to groups of up to 20 people.

The tour departs on Thursdays (in English) and Saturdays (in Spanish) from Sa Punta des Molí, where a fully restored cultural facility is located, including a mill, a waterwheel and an oil mill, as well as an old farmhouse fitted out as an exhibition hall. From there, participants will begin an itinerary of approximately 3 kilometres on which they will see the fascinating nooks and crannies of a labyrinthine Sant Antoni full of unusual artistic features in the form of sculptures, spaces and large murals scattered throughout the town centre.

From the aforementioned Punta des Molí, you will be taken along the promenade and its large urban beach, s’Arenal, the setting for numerous entertainment activities and a popular beach for those who do not want to travel far to enjoy the calm, transparent waters of the area. Following the pedestrian path of the promenade, you will discover the Walter Benjamin memorial and the wetland area of the promenade itself: the aiguamolls. After a brief stop at the legendary nightclubs Es Paradís and Edén you come to the roundabout that boasts a very special sculpture, the sculpture that pays tribute to the discovery of America, featuring the legendary egg with which Columbus supposedly convinced the most learned members of the Castilian court to authorise him to start his enterprise. After a brief visit to Passeig de ses Fonts, you will enter the streets of Sant Antoni to discover two spectacular murals by the artists Phlegm and Malarky (Control, 2013).

Sculpture tribute to the discovery of America

The next step will be the church of Sant Antoni, a beautiful example of a fortified church steeped in history, tales and heroic deeds of all kinds. The tour continues and you will discover further spectacular artistic displays, such as the murals by Interesni Kazki (Capitalism 2012 and Revolution 2016). The mural by David de la Mano, Pablo Herrero and Pekolejo, called “El Primero” (2014), is the next stop. The statue by Es Verro, which represents a farmer performing the typical cry of Ibiza, the uc, precedes a further stop in front of another mural by Phlegm, from 2013 (Control) and the one by Inti (The Best, 2014). From here on, a long list of works will be revealed before the astonished eyes of the visitor, such as “S’Ancora” and the Eye sculptures and the buttresses by the versatile artist Hermann Ueberholz.

The church of Sant Antoni, murals by Interesni Kazki, (Capitalism 2012 & Revolution 2016) and the statue by Es Verro

The tour continues through the painters’ square and past the fisherman’s monument before the next stop in front of the work “Es Gigre”. By this point in the tour, the visitor will already have been able to accumulate countless stories and anecdotes related to the art, history and culture of Sant Antoni. The final section of the tour will take you to places full of character, such as the fishermen’s wharf, the Yacht Club, an old colonial house, the Sant Antoni Town Hall and the Ses Coves Blanques lighthouse, the first lighthouse in the town, which is now an outstanding cultural facility and which also has many interesting stories to tell. The walk ends on Passeig de Ponent at the ideal time to enjoy one of Sant Antoni’s breathtaking sunsets.

The departure time of the Free Tour is at 6.30 pm until 8 August, at 6 pm from 9 to 31 August, at 5 pm from 1 September to 7 October and at 3.30 pm from 25 to 31 October. More information and reservations at or at

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