Gastro / 17 Mar 2023

Sant Antoni keeps its Repsol Suns


he world of quality cuisine and fine dining continues its expansion in Sant Antoni. The excellent culinary opportunities available have once more been appreciated by the Repsol Guide experts who yet again this year have turned their attention to a handful of restaurants in the area that have merited recognition thanks to the sterling efforts of those who run them. The gala awards event for the Repsol Suns was held in Alicante on 27 February and was attended by chefs from all over Spain who saw 46 new national restaurants added to the list of awards. A total of 712 restaurants earned Repsol Suns and lovers of Ibizan cuisine had the satisfaction and pride of seeing a select group of local restaurants included in the list of recipients. We take a more detailed look at this good news, and one by one the lucky recipients.

Es Tragón

Es Tragón continues with its in depth exploration of the Mediterranean DNA, and a new take on recipes rediscovered from the island’s ancient civilisations. This arduous task has earned it two Repsol Suns, replicating last year’s success, and placing it at the forefront of those professionals who look to history, sustainability and tradition for inspiration, giving free rein to their creativity and technical mastery. Their work is showcased in some of the collaborations that have been set up with initiatives such as the Ibiza Biotechnical Botanic Garden or institutions such as the Eivissa and Formentera Archaeological Museum. With the former, Es Tragón is exploring the self-sufficiency and sustainability of Mediterranean market gardens, with the idea of recovering endemic marginal plants. The second delves into the world of ancient recipes and culinary techniques of the different civilisations that have left their mark on the island, creating menus that incorporate their discoveries which they combine with their innate creativity.

Es Ventall

Es Ventall continues to pave its way to excellence based on a total respect for quality local produce. This, along with the exquisite care employed in creating recipes that incorporate the Mediterranean essence of traditional Ibizan gastronomy has again led to another Repsol Sun this year. From the family market garden in Buscastell with its fertile red soil come potatoes, tomatoes, beans, aubergines, late oranges, aromatic herbs, courgettes, peppers, onions and a whole list of products that are used as a base and accompaniment to all their recipes, along with as always, the very best quality meat and fish.

Las Dos Lunas

Las Dos Lunas is a one of the island’s great classic establishments and year on year it remains in the vanguard serving straightforward, fresh, quality Italian cuisine just as it has been doing it since 1981 no less. Consequently, it has managed to retain the Sun awarded previously by the Repsol Guide experts. Las Dos Lunas continues to create its welcoming atmosphere along with cosmopolitan dishes made using local seasonal produce. Pasta has pride of place here and pizzas and focaccias cooked in the in the wood-fired oven add to the long list of menu suggestions

Restaurant Las Dos Lunas, located in Sant Rafel.

Es Gerret

Apart from Suns, the Repsol guide also contains a list of recommended establishments, which is usually a pointer for future recognition. One such restaurant in this category is Es Gerret, which was first recommended in 2022. A must when visiting Sant Antoni, Es Gerret has a breezy, creative and flavourful menu that harmoniously combines fusion cuisine with Ibizan products. Dishes and plates follow each other to the table in a symphony of taste and colour.

Cala Gracioneta

Chiringuito Cala Gracioneta was mentioned for the first time this year as a recommended restaurant. This is thanks to their Mediterranean menu which offers a contemporary take on traditional Spanish cuisine, with several varied recommendations off the menu and a charcoal grill for meats, something rarely found in a beach bar or chiringuito, as these bars are known.

The Oku Restaurant

Another new recommendation is The Oku Restaurant. Located in the award-winning Hotel Oku, the restaurant is a tribute to minimalist design and bohemian style, and serves Japanese cuisine with other Asiatic and Latin American influences in line with Nikkei culinary philosophy. The products are top quality and ethically sourced and their dishes come as both large and small plates for sharing albeit cooked Robtata style or raw, and there are vegan and vegetarian options as well.

The Repsol guide goes further than just recommending restaurants as an essential ingredient for quality of life, instead including other enjoyable pursuits such as discovering and making the most of the island countryside. One trail listed in the guide follows the north-western coast of the island, starting at s’Arenal beach  with a path that runs through a whole gamut of beauty spots and little coves until you reach the islets of Ses Margalides and Ses Balandres: Cala Gració, Cala Gracioneta, Cala Salada, Punta Galera… the Sa Penya Esbarrada lookout point or the Can Cosmi tortillas are all part of the suggested route, and their inclusion in the guide highlights yet again the enormous range and attraction of Sant Antoni’s cuisine and its landscape.

You can see the complete route here.

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