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Sant Antoni MICE destination


eetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions. These four English words resumed in the acronym MICE, represent one of the major areas of economic activity in what has become known as “business tourism”.  It is no surprise to learn that one in every four journeys worldwide is for business purposes. MICE has usually been associated with major capital cities which have ample and sufficient infrastructure and massive facilities available. However, with the growing importance of concepts such as quality of life, efficiency, sustainability or contact with the environment, this traditional view has changed, and the MICE business has begun to explore new possibilities.

Sant Antoni de Portmany is a destination that fits the bill perfectly for this new MICE tourism, which is perceived as more personal, effective and satisfactory. The fact is that this municipality is able to offer the ideal conditions for all kinds of activities relating to this business segment. From small events aimed at a select, niche public, to conferences and work meetings in pleasant surroundings, not to mention incentive trips that seek attractive destinations that will provide unique and memorable experiences. Regarding this last type of tourism, Sant Antoni is able to offer no less than 35 activities that can be enjoyed in truly unique natural surroundings, one of the area’s strong points. Its fabulous beaches and sandy coves are a powerful draw for trips where the aim is to ensure that visitors will have a really good time. Cala Salada, Cala Gració, Ses Variades, Punta Galera… these are just a few of the lovely local spots where lucky travellers can indulge all five of their senses.

Fishing and local agriculture add to the advantages for MICE in this area with plenty of 0 Km and top-quality products available. Local restaurants have managed to transform this produce into some extraordinary culinary creations, albeit based on time honoured traditional dishes or in line with the latest trends and techniques of modern cuisine. Both traditional and vanguard go hand in hand in Sant Antoni which offers an extensive selection of  restaurants where diners can choose the culinary experience that suits them best.

Local product

Sant Antoni is also at the forefront of events organisation, with a comprehensive range of possibilities. For example, the district boasts a busy agenda of activities and sporting events both national and international, which attract thousands of competitors and participants every year. The infrastructures and the environment are perfectly complemented to offer these visitors the ideal scenario. Athletics, sailing, cycling, triathlon, marathon…. The specialities occur throughout the year and help to make Sant Antoni an ideal destination for sports lovers and the perfect place for showcasing brands and sponsors.

Ibiza Trail Marathon

Sant Antoni can also put on the glad rags on for anyone wishing to celebrate their wedding or anniversary. Charming hotels, romantic restaurants, top catering professionals and event organisers, logistics services. Everything is available and at hand in Sant Antoni. The municipality also provides the perfect scenario for music and entertainment events. There is no question that Sant Antoni has become a world class benchmark for trendy venues where music provides one of the main components of the overall process of creating amazing sensory experiences.

Sa Punta des Molí

Hotel accommodation  is another of the main pillars of MICE tourism. The accommodation on offer is constantly developing and improving and with every day that passes, new formulas and products are being devised to ensure that the huge variety of different visitors will be catered for. From luxury hotels with every service imaginable, to the more recent rise in rural accommodation that combine nature, relaxation and sophistication, to family establishments that have been completely refurbished and renovated, not to mention rental apartments of every kind. In Sant Antoni whatever the nature of your MICE event, you can find the perfect accommodation.

Stic Urban Hotel & Spa

Not only with fantastic locations and venues by the sea,  such as the public- run cultural centre of Sa Punta des Molí, ideal for events and concerts, there are other options to choose from among  innovative private initiatives such as  Ibiza Biotechnology Botanical Garden, which offers business tourism a multifunctional venue for biotechnology and environmental conferences.

Ibiza Biotechnology Botanical Garden

Sant Antoni de Portmany continues to improve on the ideal mix it can provide for MICE events, making it one of the most desirable destinations for professional tourism. The possibilities are endless.

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