Snorkelling route – Cala Gracioneta

Cala Gracioneta

This small sandy beach to the northwest and close to Sant Antoni, offers an interesting route along a watery path filled with aquatic life, so that after entering the water at Cala Gracioneta and following the sea wall to the right you will swim along a seabed with medium sized stones and shingle which is home to fish such as blennies, gobies and others like the painted comber.

The rocks are thickly covered with algae, often Padina pavonica, which is whitish in colour with petal like layers. When you arrive at the point, the rocks that earlier were dotted here and there, turn into a solid rocky platform that forms a gently sloping bank leading to a final ledge that opens into a meadow of Posidonia oceánica or sea grass which plunges to a depth of -6 metres so that it is best to follow the platform and enjoy the abundant sea life among its fronds such as striped mullet, peacock wrasse and salema porgy.

A sea bream may cross your path along the route as you reach the fishermen’s huts that provide a beautiful snapshot of traditional maritime Ibizan life, and here you can change direction once more and return to Cala Gracioneta, this time keeping more to the shoreline and the sea wall covered with kelp where you may see wrasse and damselfish flitting through the waters.

A snorkelling route for all skill levels which newbies can safely attempt if they stay close to the shore while more experienced divers can make the most of the deep dives, engulfed in the infinite azure waters.

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