Snorkelling route – Punta Galera

Punta Galera

This time we start at the little cove at the north end of Punta Galera, behind the second cape.

Although you can also get there on foot, the best way to arrive is by boat as not only is it easier and safer to do so, but you will also be able to enjoy a magnificent sea trip sailing to this spot.

You can pinpoint the small peaks that rise up out of the water in a route that leaves the sea wall on your right, and you skim over a seabed of medium sized rocks and pebbles randomly distributed here and there which will dictate your route as you improvise and have fun manoeuvring through them.

Large shoals of fish such as bogue, salema porgy, white sea bream and peacock wrasse will swim all around you and here and there in the hidden nooks and crannies you may find an octopus.

The sea walls are carpeted with algae and sponges and in the tidal reach you will find the colourful actinia equine or beadlet anemone.

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