Snorkelling routes – Cala Saladeta

Cala Saladeta

This excellent snorkelling route takes you to the right headland of Cala Saladeta, one of the most unspoilt and purest Mediterranean spots in Sant Antoni, that follows the rocky wall in the direction of the point of the spit.

If at the start you are swimming some distance apart, on the sandy seabed you will find the remains of what appears to be an unlucky shipwrecked vessel that lies at a depth of 5 metres.

Continuing along the transition zone between the rock and the leafy fronds of the sea grass meadow, you may well see whole banks of saddle seabream, or similarly shoals of these fish feeding on the seagrass, as they flaunt their shimmering golden livery.

Here the waters are deep and experienced snorkellers can dive down several metres holding their breath whereas on approaching the sea wall, the water becomes shallower, and the seabed is filled with rocks with at times enormous polished boulders.

You are likely to see shoals of flathead grey mullet and some two banded sea breams, perhaps a John Dory and star fish and if you get right up close to the sea wall where you can almost stand up you will find hollows and crevices replete with crabs and a seabed covered in sea urchins a close relative of the star fish.

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