Forada Market

Camino Viejo de San Mateo – Sant Antoni de Portmany

Forada market is located at a crossroads at the heart of the town. The market, with numerous stalls, is held every Saturday on an esplanade next to the so-called Can Tixedó crossroads, where there is also a small church, a bar and a shop. The most noteworthy items sold are the products of the Ibizan countryside, basically fruit and vegetables, as well as oil, honey, wine and nuts. The range is completed with other handmade and organic products, including food, cosmetics and decorative articles.

The atmosphere is one of the market’s strong points. On the day it is held, Saturday, visitors have the opportunity to discover the diverse combination of people who make up Ibiza’s rural society, from the country folk, the heirs to age-old traditions, to the craftworkers who keep the hippy spirit alive.

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