Passeig de ses Fonts

Opposite the Sant Antoni quay, as a gateway to the town centre, is the Passeig de Ses Fonts (the Fountains Promenade); a boulevard with large areas for rest and entertainment, where the fountains that give it its name are illuminated at night in a spectacular display of light and water. The numerous terraces that line the promenade give it a dynamic atmosphere that lasts all year round, and its spaciousness and easy access have made it a space for night concerts, popular fiestas and many other events. It has a taxi rank and every summer night it holds a very popular craft market. The Passeig de ses Fonts also serves as a distributor for pedestrians leaving the streets of the centre, who can choose to turn right or left along the seafront promenade.

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Oficina de Turismo de Sant Antoni

Passeig de Ses Fonts 1

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