Sant Antoni de Portmany

The capital of the municipality is located at the end of a large bay with several beaches, a long pedestrian promenade and a wide range of hotels. The entrance to the village is presided over by the Columbus Egg (a tribute to the discovery of America) and a beautiful promenade (Passeig de les Fonts) opposite the quay, which has a lively Yacht Club and is the point from which boats depart for different beaches along the coast. The fortified church and the Carrer Ample are the central hub of a rich network of bustling streets, with shops, bars, restaurants and terraces that offer a full agenda of events and activities all year round.

The town of Sant Antoni is known for its wide range of leisure and activities, events, delicious cuisine and its famous sunsets, especially those that can be seen in the area of Ses Variades, with the island of Conejera as a backdrop.

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Oficina de Turismo de Sant Antoni

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